Monday, June 30, 2008

:: water for elephants.

i finished the book a few days ago. the last half was a lot better than the first half. i liked it. now i am reading...

:: shear abandon - penny vincenzi

it's quite long though.

in other news, i went on a long swim today and even though i showered, i smell like chlorine. i dont like it.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

:: water for elephants - sara gruen

i have been doing some leisure reading... here is a list of books i have completed this summer:

:: goodnight nobody - jennifer weiner
:: the friday night knitting club - kate jacobs
:: what is the what - dave eggers
:: the memory keeper's daughter - kim edwards

hello again. so i found my blog while i was wasting time at school and realized the last post was in 2005. i deleted all of the posts and i am starting with a clean slate. i am spending the summer in austin. i do research for school during the day and i play all other times. i completed my first triathlon this summer and i am considering doing another one in august. that's all for now.