Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So last week, i didnt do so hot on my workouts.

monday/thursday - spinning 45
sunday - 3miles (29:40)

oh well. maybe this week will shape up better...

in other news, i love tea. yesterday i had a mint tea in the afternoon and it was delightful. today, i have a christmas blend (sure, its random). i just wish my tea time came with tea sandwiches, scones, and cupcakes rather than programming and typing up a report in my office :(

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

last week i had a pretty good week for working out. i meant to post this earlier but ive been busy at school.

monday - hill repeats w/ warm up and cool down 5miles
tuesday - spinning 45 / stairmaster 15
wednesday - rest
thursday - speedy 4miles
friday - spinning 45 / stairmaster 15
saturday - rest
sunday - walk 0.9 mile / run 6 miles (aka 7 mile townlake run)

however this week... is not as good. ill post at the end.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

i went camping on friday and it was awesome. we went to pedernales falls state park and its only about 45 minutes away from austin. the weather was perfect and i got to eat smores by the campfire. :)

then on saturday we went on a pretty boring 3.5 mile hike at the park.

then that night, it was drinking time. we went to a concert and had quite a few beers which led to quite a few problems.

1. bryan made a quesadilla with an insane amount of chipotle tabasco sauce on it then i told him it was terrible. this does not make a chef happy.

2. then i ran my pinky toe into a door and got blood all over the bathroom.

3. then somehow one of us, we are not sure who, placed my credit card and id on the couch and it slide into the handle of a cooler sitting by the couch. this event made us think the cards were lost and cancel my credit card this morning. only to find it by the cooler a few hours later.

so in conclusion, drinking can lead to problems.

and now my toe hurts like a mofo and i was supposed to run/walk for 7 miles today. i doubt that is going happen now.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

lately, i have been reading a few random blogs about running and triathlons. it has been great inspiration. i saw one on a fitness website and "click click click" im reading a ton. and these people are strangers. at first i was like.. whoa this is weird. i am stalking strangers. but i was thinking, they dont mind. im sure they are blogging for the world to read it. i bet they like it. but ive decided that people spend a lot of time, probably too much time, on their blog entries! i guess its true for most "hardcore" bloggers. i however am not the best blogger. i think its because i know no ones reading this. i have a few occasional lookers (ie. family) but thats it. maybe one day i will know more bloggers. anyways, i enjoy blogging. even if my entries are short and sweet.

maybe i have a stranger reading my blog.... well i doubt it.

Monday, September 08, 2008

this weekend, i finished

:: my sister's keeper - jodi picoult

it was very good and engaging but man its depressing... still a good read though.

also, i just burned popcorn in my office and it smells terrible. i ran on both saturday and sunday.

sat - walk 7 min / run 30 min (3.25 ish miles)
sun - walk .25 miles / ran 5 mies (58 minutes)

and today i get to rest :) and i might even rest tomorrow too.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

wednesday: 3 miles (29:47)
sunday: 10k (71:00)
wednesday: 4 miles (41:45)

wednesdays - good runs.
sunday - terrible. it was too hot.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

so this is a little overdue... the triathlon was august 24. anyways, here are a few wonderful photos.

before the race...
on the bike...

after we fininshed!!!

overall the race went great. this race only had about 500 participants so it was a lot smaller than the danskin (with 3000 participants). the swim didnt go that great, i finished near the back of the pack with only 3 people behind me in my age group, 1 of which had to be pulled from the water and DNF. but then i picked up the pace on the bike. i focused on passing everyone i could and was trailing this girl in my age group for quite sometime. then i passed her :) i guess you could say that i am competitive. then there was the run... the trail was really uneven so i was just waiting for an ankle to break. luckily, i survived. i ran the whole thing except for water breaks and that was my goal so yay! i ended up finishing 9/19 in my age group! so overall it was a success!!!

i really enjoyed doing the whole triathlon thing and i think i will keep the habit up. :)