i went camping on friday and it was awesome. we went to pedernales falls state park and its only about 45 minutes away from austin. the weather was perfect and i got to eat smores by the campfire. :)

then on saturday we went on a pretty boring 3.5 mile hike at the park.

then that night, it was drinking time. we went to a concert and had quite a few beers which led to quite a few problems.

1. bryan made a quesadilla with an insane amount of chipotle tabasco sauce on it then i told him it was terrible. this does not make a chef happy.

2. then i ran my pinky toe into a door and got blood all over the bathroom.

3. then somehow one of us, we are not sure who, placed my credit card and id on the couch and it slide into the handle of a cooler sitting by the couch. this event made us think the cards were lost and cancel my credit card this morning. only to find it by the cooler a few hours later.

so in conclusion, drinking can lead to problems.

and now my toe hurts like a mofo and i was supposed to run/walk for 7 miles today. i doubt that is going happen now.