Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

happy thanksgiving! i hope everyone is having a great holiday! 

i knew i would gorge on turkey today, so i woke up and went running. i only made it 2 miles because my ankle started to hurt. the tendon in my foot felt okay but the joint part of ankle was aching. i am not sure why but i am starting to get really annoyed with my left leg. when i got home, i iced it and that helped but still... its annoying. hopefully, my left ankle/tendon gets it together soon so i can start running again! i miss it. 

thanksgiving day has been great. i love food. we just got done eating. it was delicious.

recap of the week:
on monday, i started this week off right.. with a 7am spin class. it was a tough one too. the spin instructor was a little intense, as usual.

tuesday, i rested because my quads were hurting. i couldnt take another spin class.

however, on wednesday, i skipped my workout in the morning. sigh. all of the spin classes were canceled due to the break. so i was going to go to the gym and use the elliptical machine. but ended up working on my hw instead. oh well. then the boyfriend and i drove to irving (suburb of dallas) to spend thanksgiving with my parents. also last night, we (my brother, the boyfriend, and a few friends) went out to an awesome bar in dallas called the old monk. they had a very good selection of delicious beer! we also had cheese fries with bacon and jalapeno. its a holiday right? let's indulge.  :) i had a black velvet (ace pear cider + guinness), a pearamasous (ace pear cider + maredsous 8), and a la fin du monde! they were very good. 

okay, time for dessert! 

Sunday, November 23, 2008

so even though i was out of town this past week, i should have worked out while i was in boston. there was a gym in the hotel. i should have brought workout clothes. i feel somewhat guilty about it... i only worked out twice this week. oh well. it's okay to have a bad week here and there. it was just one week. ill be sure to work out this upcoming week because of turkey day, where i will eat everything.

tuesday - 2 miles (foot hurt)
sunday - 60 min spin class

first of all, i want to apologize for the lack of posts. i went to boston and did not have internet! in boston, i almost died... from the cold. it was colder than 32! i am not used to such cold weather. i am super impressed that people run in such cold weather. i think i might be able to survive if i was properly dressed....

so on monday, i offered an on-site interview for a company outside of boston. the boyfriend is also applying to this company and was already planning on going to his on-site interview on thursday. so i casually asked the HR person if they could book my flight around the same time as his... and she did! so i left early wednesday. therefore, we both got to go visit boston for free (hotel/rental cars/food.. etc) it was AWESOME. the boyfriend and i were really excited to see boston.

my friend's sister lives there so she hooked us up with a to-do list. i had most of a day free while the boyfriend interviewed so i did some shopping and checked out:

  • the little italy of boston (north end)
  • the back bay area, lots of shops
  • the freedom trail
  • boston commons
i will try to post pictures when i get them developed... i know "developed".. no i am not living in 1990, my digital camera decided to finally crap out on the trip. so i had to buy a disposable one. i will get digital copies, dont worry.

now i have a ton of school work to do before thanksgiving break starts. but it was worth it. oh also, i finished another book on the plane. i have actually been reading this book for quite some time. its taken me awhile to finish because it is a book composed of short stories.

it was really funny at times, but i didnt find it too engaging. i guess i just dont like short stories. i want a book that captures my attention so that i cant put the book down. i have already started another book and i have been captured. its too bad i have to work on school stuff... the boyfriend made curry chicken pot pie and it just finished. i must go now and enjoy a delicious dinner!

Monday, November 17, 2008

a few of my friends and the boyfriend wanted to have an "alternative" thanksgiving before everyone goes to their respective homes for thanksgiving. so we picked yesterday. however, it turned out to be just a regular thanksgiving. it was delicious. there was a turkey stuffed with 40 cloves of garlic (yum!), mashed potatoes, asparagus, rolls, stuffing, and the only thing non-thanksgiving.. dessert: s'more bread pudding, if you click the link, it calls for making chocolate bread. we just bought cherry chocolate bread from central market and it worked beautifully. but as usual, the turkey made everyone super tired.

on saturday i got this movie from nexflix: run for your life i went home and tried to watch it after thanksgiving but i fell asleep during part of it. also, i didnt think it was amazing. i liked the spirit of the marathon much better.

in other news, i finished another book.
and it wasnt that great. emily giffin has 3 other books.. and they were all much better. however, i still finished it. so i guess it wasnt too terrible. it was about a married woman who runs into an ex-boyfriend and then doubts her marrige. i would call it: depressing. and i am not one of those people who just hate the character, i just thought it was kinda boring too. i would recommend her other books. i loved all three.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

yesterday, i went for a 3 mile run. i had been looking forward to the run all day. i ended up leaving school late and got stuck in traffic on the way to the running trail (town lake hike and bike). so the sun was already "set" according to luckily, the trail was full with other runners so i felt somewhat safe. the last have of my run was really dark. but i made it through without falling on my face. the foot felt fine during the whole run. it was actually a great run besides the fact i was running in the dark. then afterwards...

my foot started to ache. so lame. so i think ill keep doing my stretches and just take it day-to-day. today ill be going to spinning. i do love spinning. also, sometimes i just love the texas weather. i was reading some blogs where people are running in temps less than 32! yesterday, i wore shorts and a tshirt. :) hopefully, i get to run again this week... i guess i'll just have to wait and see...

Monday, November 10, 2008

this weekend was filled with grad school social activities. on friday, my adviser took all of his students to happy hour. then we all went to a department bbq. saturday, i made cupcakes with my grad school friend. then on sunday, my adviser had us over to his house for another bbq! the cupcakes were for bbq#2. whew. it was good times but not the healthiest weekend food-wise.

in other news... saturday i went running! the game this weekend was at 11am and i woke up late so i was only able to run about 2.25 miles. my foot felt okay. at one point, it kinda hurt so i stopped and walked and the pain went away. i think i will do some light running this week. im just annoyed with my foot because.. i am ready to start training for my half marathon! i did still get in some good workouts because of spinning. my favorite spinning instructor always says,

"motivation gets you started. habit keeps you going."

and its so true. i went this morning :). also this weekend i watched a great movie. you should watch the trailer...

alright, im off to do work!

Thursday, November 06, 2008