first of all, i want to apologize for the lack of posts. i went to boston and did not have internet! in boston, i almost died... from the cold. it was colder than 32! i am not used to such cold weather. i am super impressed that people run in such cold weather. i think i might be able to survive if i was properly dressed....

so on monday, i offered an on-site interview for a company outside of boston. the boyfriend is also applying to this company and was already planning on going to his on-site interview on thursday. so i casually asked the HR person if they could book my flight around the same time as his... and she did! so i left early wednesday. therefore, we both got to go visit boston for free (hotel/rental cars/food.. etc) it was AWESOME. the boyfriend and i were really excited to see boston.

my friend's sister lives there so she hooked us up with a to-do list. i had most of a day free while the boyfriend interviewed so i did some shopping and checked out:

  • the little italy of boston (north end)
  • the back bay area, lots of shops
  • the freedom trail
  • boston commons
i will try to post pictures when i get them developed... i know "developed".. no i am not living in 1990, my digital camera decided to finally crap out on the trip. so i had to buy a disposable one. i will get digital copies, dont worry.

now i have a ton of school work to do before thanksgiving break starts. but it was worth it. oh also, i finished another book on the plane. i have actually been reading this book for quite some time. its taken me awhile to finish because it is a book composed of short stories.

it was really funny at times, but i didnt find it too engaging. i guess i just dont like short stories. i want a book that captures my attention so that i cant put the book down. i have already started another book and i have been captured. its too bad i have to work on school stuff... the boyfriend made curry chicken pot pie and it just finished. i must go now and enjoy a delicious dinner!