this weekend was filled with grad school social activities. on friday, my adviser took all of his students to happy hour. then we all went to a department bbq. saturday, i made cupcakes with my grad school friend. then on sunday, my adviser had us over to his house for another bbq! the cupcakes were for bbq#2. whew. it was good times but not the healthiest weekend food-wise.

in other news... saturday i went running! the game this weekend was at 11am and i woke up late so i was only able to run about 2.25 miles. my foot felt okay. at one point, it kinda hurt so i stopped and walked and the pain went away. i think i will do some light running this week. im just annoyed with my foot because.. i am ready to start training for my half marathon! i did still get in some good workouts because of spinning. my favorite spinning instructor always says,

"motivation gets you started. habit keeps you going."

and its so true. i went this morning :). also this weekend i watched a great movie. you should watch the trailer...

alright, im off to do work!