a few of my friends and the boyfriend wanted to have an "alternative" thanksgiving before everyone goes to their respective homes for thanksgiving. so we picked yesterday. however, it turned out to be just a regular thanksgiving. it was delicious. there was a turkey stuffed with 40 cloves of garlic (yum!), mashed potatoes, asparagus, rolls, stuffing, and the only thing non-thanksgiving.. dessert: s'more bread pudding, if you click the link, it calls for making chocolate bread. we just bought cherry chocolate bread from central market and it worked beautifully. but as usual, the turkey made everyone super tired.

on saturday i got this movie from nexflix: run for your life i went home and tried to watch it after thanksgiving but i fell asleep during part of it. also, i didnt think it was amazing. i liked the spirit of the marathon much better.

in other news, i finished another book.
and it wasnt that great. emily giffin has 3 other books.. and they were all much better. however, i still finished it. so i guess it wasnt too terrible. it was about a married woman who runs into an ex-boyfriend and then doubts her marrige. i would call it: depressing. and i am not one of those people who just hate the character, i just thought it was kinda boring too. i would recommend her other books. i loved all three.