Saturday, April 25, 2009

So I realized I never posted about my 2nd half marathon... its not because it was meaningless and not because I didn't do well... I was just plain lazy about posting to my lovely blog. Therefore... I am posting this super late.

The good news: I set a new PR!
The bad news: I was sore for a week because of the ridiculous hills! My hamstrings were on fire!

I started the same way I started my first half... saying all along, I would pace myself, follow a pacer, speed up at the end if possible... and then, getting to the starting line and going as fast as a I can... until I get tired and slow down. I still set a PR with a time of

2:12:21 (10:07 pace)
Maybe next time, I will stick to my plan.. somehow I doubt it.. I just get so excited at the beginning and run my little heart out... This race was pretty awesome because it was a ladies race.. a few men did sign up, but it was mainly women. The course was out and back so you got to see everyone in the race some where along the course. My good friend also ran the race, she was running her first half marathon, and we both had a great time. We run at different paces but enjoyed the pre-race jitters and the post-race festivities together. The hills were pretty terrible and my hamstrings were on fire for quite some time after the race. The were really up and down rolling hills rather than slowly increasing ones.. so there was little "flat" ground on the whole course. I am glad I completed a second half marathon.. but I think I'll be waiting until next spring to do another one. I need a break on the long runs. But I have achieved one of my year goals... :)

pre-race! (where was my flash?)

Friday, April 17, 2009

It has been raining all day in Austin... here are a few rainy photos via flickr.


{byocom, not flickr..}

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I hope you didn't forget to file your taxes. Luckily, I am still in school... so I get a refund. But this is the last time... maybe I'll find a tax break someday?

Also, for my running readers... the Boston Marathon is Monday!!! I can't wait to watch the race. I just read a great article about Kara Goucher on Runner's World and I got all pumped up...

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I like this photo/outfit. (by Brian Lopiccolo)
I like carrot cake pancakes. (Joy the Baker).
I like this photograph. (originally seen on ohhellofriend, source)
I like these shoes. (Seychelles via Solestruck)
I like this outfit. (academichic)
I like this photograph. (blissful images)I like this book. (Three Cups of Tea)

I just finished Three Cups of Tea last night and I loved it. You should go read it!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Last weekend, after my 10k, I was craving something sweet... homemade cinnamon rolls. It was a baking adventure, but I survived and the rolls were delicious. 

Unfortunately, I can't source the recipe because I can't find it online! The whole process took about an hour and it was worth it. I only wonder, can you freeze a cinnamon roll? I would love to pre-make these and pull one of my freezer at any given moment... Also, the rolls were topped with a cream cheese frosting... so good.
It was a perfect way to celebrate a good run. 

p.s. If I find the link, I will post it. 

Friday, April 03, 2009

This morning, I found few new blogs (yay!).

warning (to my running readers out there) : these are not fitness related


Lately, I have been thinking about expanding my blog topics to include more things about my life since the name of this blog is.. this is me.... stay tuned.

As a new month starts, I want to set some goals and what way to better commit than to post them on my blog. Then they are in writing and there is no going back. I have two races this month, a half marathon and a 10k. I will post those goals separately.

April Goals
1. Read 1 book
2. Stay on a loose budget
3. Attend spin class 6 times
4. Weight train 8 times
5. Find / apply to 5 appealing job reqs

Reasoning behind these choices..

  • I wanted to read 12 books this year, I am about to finish book #2. I am behind on my yearly goal..
  • I never really use a budget... but I have a few trips coming up and I am just trying to watch what I spend. I am also trying to upgrade my wardrobe because a lot of my clothes are too big.. so I am very budget consciences. Really, it boils down to not spending lots of money on eating out and drinks.
  • I have been slacking on my spinning... I keep giving it up for running/swimming/yoga. I don't have time to go 2x/week so I will try for 6 times, about 1.5x/week. I need to stay on top of because I have a sprint triathlon this summer. I also bought the pass.. granted it was only $40 for a whole semester.. but still. I should use what I pay for.
  • I was really good about weight training at first.. I would go before swimming.. then I decided I would rather be sleeping... the last 5 times I was supposed to be in the gym. ooops. So I hope this set goal will encourage me to get back in there.. have I mentioned I really don't enjoy weight lifting..
  • I graduate in August and I need a job.

Half Marathon Goals
a) finish
b) finish around the same time as the Austin Half (2:14)

I haven't been training that much so my goals are set pretty low. Of course, I would like to PR... but I am doubtful. This course should be hillier and I have trained less the last time I ran a half.