As a new month starts, I want to set some goals and what way to better commit than to post them on my blog. Then they are in writing and there is no going back. I have two races this month, a half marathon and a 10k. I will post those goals separately.

April Goals
1. Read 1 book
2. Stay on a loose budget
3. Attend spin class 6 times
4. Weight train 8 times
5. Find / apply to 5 appealing job reqs

Reasoning behind these choices..

  • I wanted to read 12 books this year, I am about to finish book #2. I am behind on my yearly goal..
  • I never really use a budget... but I have a few trips coming up and I am just trying to watch what I spend. I am also trying to upgrade my wardrobe because a lot of my clothes are too big.. so I am very budget consciences. Really, it boils down to not spending lots of money on eating out and drinks.
  • I have been slacking on my spinning... I keep giving it up for running/swimming/yoga. I don't have time to go 2x/week so I will try for 6 times, about 1.5x/week. I need to stay on top of because I have a sprint triathlon this summer. I also bought the pass.. granted it was only $40 for a whole semester.. but still. I should use what I pay for.
  • I was really good about weight training at first.. I would go before swimming.. then I decided I would rather be sleeping... the last 5 times I was supposed to be in the gym. ooops. So I hope this set goal will encourage me to get back in there.. have I mentioned I really don't enjoy weight lifting..
  • I graduate in August and I need a job.

Half Marathon Goals
a) finish
b) finish around the same time as the Austin Half (2:14)

I haven't been training that much so my goals are set pretty low. Of course, I would like to PR... but I am doubtful. This course should be hillier and I have trained less the last time I ran a half.