Guess what?

I have a new PR for the 10 k!!!!

My previous personal record was 1:01:06. So I was quite pleased with this race, even though I thought a PR would be tricky. First of all, this race is has a lot more hills than the course that corresponds to my best time. Also, there was about 18,000 people walking/running in this race. It was a gorgeous day, so no one seemed to stay home. Last year, it rained and it was a lot less crowded. Finally, I overslept and woke up at 8:30 when the timed run (my race time) started at 8:45. What the heck!!! Luckily, Bryan was there to save the day. He got me to the race and it started late. I was able to squeeze through the gate and start with the timed runners. whew. In the morning rush, I left my watch at home and forgot to glance at the starting time... so I spaztically ran the whole 10k. I tried to run fast because I felt I was running slow then I would slow down because my hamstrings got tight and then speed up.. it was not a consistent pace.. I guess if I want to PR, I should show up late and forget my watch. Anyways, it was a great day for a run and I am super pleased with my time.