It's cold outside! Last weekend it was 80 and now its..

Brr. So I did not run this morning. I am still hoping to convince myself that it is a good idea and I should go run... we'll see how that goes. I doesn't say above, but its raining off and on, it is very gross out.

I would like to welcome some new readers. Bryan tipped off a few of my closest friends about the blog a while ago... I thought they would read it once and move on.. I found out that is not the case. I have been bookmarked, so Hello Ladies! In your honor, a photo.

Chelsea, Coatney, Kallie, Me, Taylor

Last weekend, we got together and celebrated Kallie's last night of freedom... her bachelorette party. I was a wonderful time. Lots of great food, drinks, chats, and more. It was awesome.

Then I was swamped with school and therefore, no blog posting. But I am back! I still have a paper due but I can take a little break... which reminds me, I am searching for a new template. I will have this super boring one until I get a new one.

Friday: run 2.8 miles
Sunday: 45 spin + 45 yoga
Monday: weights + swim class
Tuesday: run 2.2 miles outside + 3.8 miles treadmill
Wednesday: swim class

Biggest Loser nonsense: I am so sad Mandi went home. She was my favorite! Also, I think that Ron can't loose the same amount of weight as everyone else and will continue to bring down the blue team... its sad but true. I just hope blue team can win next time... so sad. As you can tell, I am still really addicted to that show. My run on Tuesday was split into 2 so that I could watch some of the show while I ran. I had a lot of work to do and didn't want to waste 2 hours on the Biggest Loser, so I ran during it. Also, I Jillian's 30 day Shred from Netflix.. maybe I will do that today!