I would like the weekend to stay. I do not want next week to start. I have a lot of working out, school work, and job hunting to do by Friday. Next weekend, my friend is having her bachelorette party so nothing productive will be happening.. 

Anyways, I want to finish posting my workouts for this week..

Thursday: rest
Friday: run/walk intervals (treadmill) 40 min + 10 min stair master
Saturday: 40 min yoga + pushups
Sunday: run 6 miles + core + pushups

I am terrible at pushups. I am trying to incorporate them.. and then when I get a little better, I might attempt the 100 push up challenge. Trust me, I am not there yet.

I am pleased with my efforts this week and hoping for greatness next week too. Also, I spent a lot of time outside today at a kite festival (pictures and post some day).. and my face is on fire. How did I forget sunscreen... sigh. fyi, my 6 miles today were to get to the festival. It was great to run to a destination. Bryan met me there and drove me home... I also ate part of a funnel cake. delicious. too bad it cancelled out the 6 miles... maybe I should have ran home too?