Friday, January 30, 2009

Let me recap my workouts... I haven't posted since Monday... oops.

Tuesday: 3 miles on the treadmill while watching the Biggest Loser.. 3 TVs away from the TV in front of me.. Luckily, I did not have a creak in my neck.

Wednesday: weight training (25 min) + swim class + 20 min yoga for runners from yogadownload I loved it. They have a lot of 20 minute classes for FREE. I like FREE.

Thursday: 2.5 miles on trail.. (9:48 / 10:00 / 5:10 = 24:58) terrible run. my foot hurt, my ipod died, i was cold and therefore my 5 mile run became 2.5 miles.

Friday: REST!

Tomorrow I am scheduled for 11 miles and I am pretty excited.

In other news, go listen to This American Life. I just realized you can stream episodes. Yesterday, I listened to Switched at Birth while I was working at school. It was really interesting.

Monday, January 26, 2009

I had my first swim class at UT today. I wanted to take Swimming: Triathlon and it was cancelled so I am stuck in Swimming: Conditioning. For some odd and wacko reason, my workout buddy / office mate (who is also in the swim class) decided to lift weights before swimming. We never lift weights and we don't wake up early. So miraculously, we got to school at 815 and lifted weights / went to swim class. The first class went okay, but I am the 2nd worse swimmer. You have to be able to swim a 50 (meter/yard?) in 50 seconds. 

My time: 52 seconds. 

The coach said I had good breathing technique and I just needed to work on strength so I could stay in the class. Yippee. I know I am the 2nd because he told the worst student, "I can tell you aren't comfortable in the pool. Have you ever been taken a swimming class before?" All day long, I was tired. Sleepy tired. Lots of coffee, a chocolate santa and a coke zero helped.. but did not cure the sleepiness.

But when I got home tonight,  I wanted to make some blueberry muffins. I have made them before. Delicious! 

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Yesterday, the boyfriend and I went to the Third Annual Chili Cold Blood Chili Cook Off at Jo's Coffee on South Congress. There was a chili contest and live music in a parking lot. It was very Austin-y and let me just say again, I love this city! The headlining band was Chili Cold Blood. We got there kinda late and missed the Chili Cook Off. However, we were still able to order frito chili pies. YUM. I also sampled a vegetarian chili. As you can see from the photos, we were quite happy. 


pic name

pic name

The band, Chili Cold Blood, was pretty good. Their outfits were also awesome.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Nike.. how I love you. Today, I ran 8.5 miles with the help of my lovely ipod. A new playlist can really do wonders. I would list it but I basically added my last 8 lists to make a jumbo playlist. So I had 8 miles on my "schedule" and at about 7.5 miles I decided to run 8.5. I thought about next week and decided I should run 11 instead of 10 (my original plan) and jumping from 8.5 to 11 is just 2.5 miles. This week I jumped from 6 to 8.5, also 2.5 miles. I've got a plan, kinda. The run went better than expected. My splits are

1) 9:38
2) 9:47
3) 9:39
4) 10:13
5) 10:17
6) 10:24
7) 10:24
8) 11:00
.5) 5:36

total: 1:27:01

I was really pleased with the first 3 miles and also happy with the next 4. The last mile, I was just getting tired and my ankle was starting to hurt. At first, the weather was not the best. It was about 45, which is cold, and a surprise since yesterday it was 75. My hands were frozen for the first mile but after that, I felt okay. I warmed up and didn't mind the weather. I also ate some chewy things (much like the clif shot blocks). I threw away the wrapper and can't find the name online. They were delicious. They were cherry flavored with honey and all natural. I will go back to REI to buy some more and I will let you know!

I am starting to get really excited for the half marthon... :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Whew. Apparently, I have been missing in action! The last time I posted was Sunday... I guess I have been busy. I think a bullet list is in order.

  • School started, reminding my adviser that work should be getting done
  • Presidential Inauguration, amazing! I am very excited to see what happens.
  • I found Podcasts, check out This American Life
  • LOST. soooo much happened in the premiere. It was pure madness.
  • Biggest Loser. OMG, I was shocked. I could not believe they kept Joelle. Also, I feel sorry for Bob. Detroit did not look like a walk in the park...
Also, I worked out a few times.

Monday, I went to hot yoga for 90 minutes. It was as sweatastic as usual.

Tuesday, I ran around my neighborhood for 37 minutes to ensure that I would run 3.5miles. I figure I usually run about 10:00-10:30 but when I don't know where the next mile marker is located, I tend to be on the slower side. I found some great hills so I was pleased with the workout. I need to learn the streets better (I just moved there...) so I can gmap-pedometer the route.

Wednesday, REST! Yippeee!

Thursday, I ran 4 miles at Town Lake. Since that trail has mile markers, I have splits and I am quite pleased with these times.

1) 10:00
2) 10:01
3) 10:03
4) 10:34
total: 40:38

Tonight, I am going to a hot yoga class. I am dreading it.. but I know once I go I will be happy I went...

Have a great Friday!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I ran 6 miles today! Woo hoo! I went running at town lake on the 6.9 mile loop. I ran 6 miles and walked the 0.9 as a cool down. During the run, I wanted to quit and find someone to drive me back to my car... after the run, I was sooo happy that every minute was worth it. I wanted to stop and walk many times but I kept on trucking. I think in the end, it was good for my running confidence level. Just because I want to walk, doesn't mean that I needed to stop. I forgot my watch so I don't have split times. I checked my ipod at 1 mile (10:12) and 4 miles (41:32). I am good at remembering pointless information... like seconds. I finished the 6 miles (I had to guess where the end was because the mile markers get messed up on the loop.. if anything, I went over .15) in 64:34.

When I got home, I showered and ate... Then I ended up napping.. for 1.5 hrs . Oh well. Technically, school doesn't start until Tuesday... I can waste a Sunday, right?

Also, this weekend, there was a sale at BettySport (adorable/expensive workout clothes store). So I went there on Friday and bought a pair of yoga pants for 30% off. After taxes, they were only 35.  However I went to their 2nd location yesterday and I found another pair that I loved. However these pants were $70 and only 20% off... So I could not justify buying them... But they were sooo soft and fit great. Did I mention that I love these pants.. So I want these pants. I think I want to set a goal and when I achieve the goal, I get the pants! Or maybe I will get a coupon for the store in my next race packet.... I can only hope. 

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Friday, I went to another hot yoga class. I am not sure how it was possible, but I sweated more than I did the first time I went to a class. I left feeling awesome and disgusting all at once. I met up with a friend that also goes there. I like having friends that workout. It's encouraging. Then, I went out to eat with some friends. After dinner, we went out to celebrate my friend's birthday and played a lot of shuffleboard. I love it! I also won... so that helps.

Today, I wanted to run 6 miles. But my foot felt a little tender... so I decided to let it rest. I am not sure if it is sore because of the 4.5 miles or from the hot yoga. My foot cramped in yoga. I think I am just worried! I hope I can run tomorrow...

I took a picture of my breakfast this morning. I had coffee and vanilla yogurt with granola and berries. Tasty as usual...

Then I went to the Austin Public Library and checked out two books.. I'll let you know as a I read them. I've decided I am not paying for books anymore. Then I just unpacked and cleaned my room. Tonight, my roommate made me dinner and I watched a movie with the boyfriend. Very relaxing :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I went for a 4.5 mile run today with the following split times...

:: 9:53
:: 10:22
:: 10:17
:: 10:14
:: 4:54 (0.5 miles)
= 45:42

I was happy with the run. I ran at Town Lake and I wore a new running shirt.. that I LOVE. It's a Nike dry-fit warm sweatshirt thing. The first half, I kept thinking, "when is this going to end?" and then the second half I was thinking, "whew, this is easy. I got this.." So in other words, it is a typical run for me. If I can get half way done, I somehow feel okay about the 2nd half. Oh, I completely forgot to mention the latest Doc update!

The Doc thinks I can do the half!!!!
The Doc told me this on Monday. Last week, I ran twice (3 miles each) with no pain. He said that since I ran okay and my muscles are loose that I can run 3 times a week. He said I should aggressively increase my milage and run the half. I was super excited. I can't believe I forgot to mention it! So as of last Sunday, I had 5 weeks until my half. So he suggested I run 3 times a week (1 recovery, 1 medium, 1 long) with the following long runs..

6 miles / 8 miles/ 10 miles/ 8 miles / half 

I am looking forward to my 6 miles this weekend :) 

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

.... aka Bikram (HOT) Yoga. Last night, I went to a 90 minute hot yoga class. Whew. I have never sweated so much in my life. And I live in Texas where it is hot. I've worked out in the heat before.. but nothing like hot yoga. I should back track some...

On Sunday, I went with my new roommate (note: I moved. I have a new roommate. I didn't blog about it because moving = complaining.) to her gym and did the following workout:

:: walk 5 min
:: run 15 min
:: walk 5 min
:: hot yoga 60 min

The hot yoga classes were new and they were having some heating issues. The room was only 87 degrees. I loved the class! I felt so relaxed and the heat in the room really helped with my flexibility. There was calming music and we did some poses I hadn't done before. It was great.

So I went home to find a deal online because yoga is expensive. I found a place in Austin, somewhat close to my new home, that offers an introductory offer of 28$ for 30 days of unlimited yoga. The studio only does Bikram yoga. Both the boyfriend and I signed up. Last night we went and on the down side, it was completely different than the other class. In this class, the instructor talked the WHOLE time and there was no calming music. We did 26 different postures and 2 breathing exercises. I was not a fan of the breathing ones. On the up side, it was a great workout and such a sweat fest! It's the only time I have ever seriously considered taking off my shirt and working out in a sports bra. A lot of people in the class where only wearing tiny shorts and sports bras. It must have been somewhere between 90-95.

The whole experience was still good, but not exactly what I was looking for in a yoga class. I will go back (maybe friday?) but I think I'll try another studio after 30 days. Oh and I ran into a friend there which was nice. I found out via facebook that another one of my friends also goes to that studio.

OH. I forgot to mention. I went running around my new neighborhood before the hot yoga. I did the following:

:: run 30 min
:: walk 3 min

There was about and 1 1/2 hours between when I finished running to when I started the yoga class. So needless to say, it was a great workout day :)

Now onto... THE BIGGEST LOSER (warning: spoiler if you didn't watch...)
Joell is sooo annoying. I really hope this past week has shown her that she needs to be more dedicated. Or else, she will be sent home. It was ridiculously sad to watch the contestants have to choose between Jerry and Dan. I was happy to see Jerry and Estelle at the end. They looked great! It proves that anyone can do it and it can be done at home. I love that show.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mica tagged me! This was fun to fill out. I hope you enjoy. 

4 Favorite Memories of 2008:
:: Finishing my 1st Triathlon 
:: Camping at Big Bend National Park
:: Buying a car
:: Dinner at Uchi 

4 Favorite Movies of 2008:
:: High Fidelity (I saw it in 2008....)
:: Spirit of the Marathon
:: The Dark Knight
:: Wall E

4 Favorite Foods of 2008:
:: Slow Churned Ice Cream
:: Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers
:: Laughing Cow Cheese
:: Soup

4 Places I loved in 2008:
:: Austin, Tx
:: Fredericksburg, Tx
:: Hamilton Pool 
:: Lambert's (Fancy BBQ)

4 Things I Liked in 2008:
:: Running
:: Biking 
:: Reading 
:: Blogging

4 Things I am Looking Forward to in 2009:
:: Finishing a Half Marathon
:: Danskin Triathlon
:: Graduating from Graduate School
:: Getting a "Real" Job

4 People I Tagged:
:: Jen 
:: Angela 
:: Alisa
:: Jess

Friday, January 09, 2009

I forgot to mention that I recorded split times for my 3 miler on Wednesday:

Wednesday 3 miles
1st mile: 10:04
2nd mile: 10:12
3rd mile: 10:26
Total: 30:42

This morning I went to Town Lake and ran the same 3 miles.

Friday 3 miles
1st mile: 10:22
2nd mile: 10:11
3rd mile: 10:35
Total: 31:08

The times are consistent enough for me so I am pleased. I love my new watch. Also, I still felt pain free! Things are looking good. Around 5 I did the Zen in your Den and Pilates Abs courtesy of Hulu. In conclusion, it has been a great workout day. Now, I need to find something to eat for dinner. ASAP. 

Thursday, January 08, 2009

You might notice that I have included some photos in this post... the lovely/amazing boyfriend bought me a camera for Christmas. :)

Lately, I have been having a few technical difficulties. In a single day, I washed my phone in the washing machine and my computer cord "burst" into pieces. I wasn't home but my mother swears it just "burst", quite random and it makes for a funny photo. Don't worry, I bought another one on my parents dolla. I am still working out the phone situation. I can make calls if I plug in the phone, sometimes.

Also, in running news, something good happened. Yesterday, I went running at Town Lake for 3 miles and guess what... I didn't feel any pain during or after the run! I was quite happy. Recently, I have been doing running and walking intervals. When I did 5.5 miles, I was a in some pain. So I was really pleased to run 3 miles (without walking) and be hurt free. I am still somewhat panicked about the half marathon. Its less than 6 weeks away and I still don't know if I will be able participate. If I can't, I have already been eyeing a half marathon in May.. 

I don't normally photograph my food, but I do read several blogs where people do.. and this morning my yogurt just looked adorable. Vanilla yogurt topped with fresh strawberries and granola. YUM.  
This afternoon, I went to the outlet mall to return 2 things. One was at Nike.. I was going to go in and return the item (a gift I bought for someone and then found something better) and hurry out so that I didn't get sucked into the wonderfulness of the Nike outlet store and buy something. But those mofos at Nike scammed me. They gave me a 20% off coupon for anything in the store that day because I made a return. How is a girl to pass that up? I couldn't. I ended up purchasing this sweatshirt. I loved the color. It was already marked down 40% and then I got another 20% so with tax it was only $20 and some change! I am so happy. 

The last time I saw the doc, he recommended that I not workout hard (aka run/elliptical) two days in row.  I had done 3 days in a row last week and then my foot/leg was really achy. So today, I wanted to do some yoga. I did a 20 minute video from Hulu: Zen in your Den. Then I decided to throw in some abs too, Pilates Abs. The abs video was only 10 minutes. Both videos were from Exercise TV and I like them both! Surprisingly, neither one of the hosts were annoying. I think I will try them again. Both were beginner friendly, which is nice since I haven't done very much yoga and I rarely do abs. I am trying to do more though and these videos help!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

I am aware this post is 4 days overdue. But I have been busy drinking/sleeping/eating. I will recap those adventures later...

In 2008,

  • ran/walked approximately 350 miles
  • bought a bike
  • competed in 2 sprint distance triathlons
  • started this blog
  • ran 3 official 10ks
  • purchased/financed a brand new car
  • read 14 books
For workout info and major purchases, I think that is it. As for 2009, I hope to
  • PR in the Danskin Sprint tri (my 1st tri course)
  • run a 1/2 marathon
  • run/walk 400 miles
  • participate in a relay Olympic distance tri
  • read at least 12 books (an average of 1 book per month)
It is weird making year long goals. I can't remember the last time I did this. I hope I can keep them. Just the other day I told some one that I thought New Year Resolutions were stupid... some how, I just came up with 5. I like to think of them as goals and not resolutions. As the year goes on, they will filter into a month goal. (speaking of which, I achieved my December goal and maintained my weight. woo hoo!)

Hello 2009...

HBBC week 4:
Thursday: stretching 30 min = 1 pt
Friday: stretching 30 min+ walk/run 5.5 miles = 6.5 pts
Saturday: stretching 30 min + elliptical 30 min = 3 pts
Sunday: walk/run 3 miles = 3 pts
total: 13.5

week 1 = 11.5
week 2 = 22.5
week 3 = 6.5
week 4 = 13.5

HBBC TOTAL: 54 points

I am so happy that Amanda from Run to Finish hosted this Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge. I know that I am no where close to winning, but I still enjoyed the challenge. It is amazing to see how much people work out! I hope to participate in more blog activities because it is a good time.