I ran 6 miles today! Woo hoo! I went running at town lake on the 6.9 mile loop. I ran 6 miles and walked the 0.9 as a cool down. During the run, I wanted to quit and find someone to drive me back to my car... after the run, I was sooo happy that every minute was worth it. I wanted to stop and walk many times but I kept on trucking. I think in the end, it was good for my running confidence level. Just because I want to walk, doesn't mean that I needed to stop. I forgot my watch so I don't have split times. I checked my ipod at 1 mile (10:12) and 4 miles (41:32). I am good at remembering pointless information... like seconds. I finished the 6 miles (I had to guess where the end was because the mile markers get messed up on the loop.. if anything, I went over .15) in 64:34.

When I got home, I showered and ate... Then I ended up napping.. for 1.5 hrs . Oh well. Technically, school doesn't start until Tuesday... I can waste a Sunday, right?

Also, this weekend, there was a sale at BettySport (adorable/expensive workout clothes store). So I went there on Friday and bought a pair of yoga pants for 30% off. After taxes, they were only 35.  However I went to their 2nd location yesterday and I found another pair that I loved. However these pants were $70 and only 20% off... So I could not justify buying them... But they were sooo soft and fit great. Did I mention that I love these pants.. So I want these pants. I think I want to set a goal and when I achieve the goal, I get the pants! Or maybe I will get a coupon for the store in my next race packet.... I can only hope.