I had my first swim class at UT today. I wanted to take Swimming: Triathlon and it was cancelled so I am stuck in Swimming: Conditioning. For some odd and wacko reason, my workout buddy / office mate (who is also in the swim class) decided to lift weights before swimming. We never lift weights and we don't wake up early. So miraculously, we got to school at 815 and lifted weights / went to swim class. The first class went okay, but I am the 2nd worse swimmer. You have to be able to swim a 50 (meter/yard?) in 50 seconds. 

My time: 52 seconds. 

The coach said I had good breathing technique and I just needed to work on strength so I could stay in the class. Yippee. I know I am the 2nd because he told the worst student, "I can tell you aren't comfortable in the pool. Have you ever been taken a swimming class before?" All day long, I was tired. Sleepy tired. Lots of coffee, a chocolate santa and a coke zero helped.. but did not cure the sleepiness.

But when I got home tonight,  I wanted to make some blueberry muffins. I have made them before. Delicious!