.... aka Bikram (HOT) Yoga. Last night, I went to a 90 minute hot yoga class. Whew. I have never sweated so much in my life. And I live in Texas where it is hot. I've worked out in the heat before.. but nothing like hot yoga. I should back track some...

On Sunday, I went with my new roommate (note: I moved. I have a new roommate. I didn't blog about it because moving = complaining.) to her gym and did the following workout:

:: walk 5 min
:: run 15 min
:: walk 5 min
:: hot yoga 60 min

The hot yoga classes were new and they were having some heating issues. The room was only 87 degrees. I loved the class! I felt so relaxed and the heat in the room really helped with my flexibility. There was calming music and we did some poses I hadn't done before. It was great.

So I went home to find a deal online because yoga is expensive. I found a place in Austin, somewhat close to my new home, that offers an introductory offer of 28$ for 30 days of unlimited yoga. The studio only does Bikram yoga. Both the boyfriend and I signed up. Last night we went and on the down side, it was completely different than the other class. In this class, the instructor talked the WHOLE time and there was no calming music. We did 26 different postures and 2 breathing exercises. I was not a fan of the breathing ones. On the up side, it was a great workout and such a sweat fest! It's the only time I have ever seriously considered taking off my shirt and working out in a sports bra. A lot of people in the class where only wearing tiny shorts and sports bras. It must have been somewhere between 90-95.

The whole experience was still good, but not exactly what I was looking for in a yoga class. I will go back (maybe friday?) but I think I'll try another studio after 30 days. Oh and I ran into a friend there which was nice. I found out via facebook that another one of my friends also goes to that studio.

OH. I forgot to mention. I went running around my new neighborhood before the hot yoga. I did the following:

:: run 30 min
:: walk 3 min

There was about and 1 1/2 hours between when I finished running to when I started the yoga class. So needless to say, it was a great workout day :)

Now onto... THE BIGGEST LOSER (warning: spoiler if you didn't watch...)
Joell is sooo annoying. I really hope this past week has shown her that she needs to be more dedicated. Or else, she will be sent home. It was ridiculously sad to watch the contestants have to choose between Jerry and Dan. I was happy to see Jerry and Estelle at the end. They looked great! It proves that anyone can do it and it can be done at home. I love that show.