I am aware this post is 4 days overdue. But I have been busy drinking/sleeping/eating. I will recap those adventures later...

In 2008,

  • ran/walked approximately 350 miles
  • bought a bike
  • competed in 2 sprint distance triathlons
  • started this blog
  • ran 3 official 10ks
  • purchased/financed a brand new car
  • read 14 books
For workout info and major purchases, I think that is it. As for 2009, I hope to
  • PR in the Danskin Sprint tri (my 1st tri course)
  • run a 1/2 marathon
  • run/walk 400 miles
  • participate in a relay Olympic distance tri
  • read at least 12 books (an average of 1 book per month)
It is weird making year long goals. I can't remember the last time I did this. I hope I can keep them. Just the other day I told some one that I thought New Year Resolutions were stupid... some how, I just came up with 5. I like to think of them as goals and not resolutions. As the year goes on, they will filter into a month goal. (speaking of which, I achieved my December goal and maintained my weight. woo hoo!)

Hello 2009...