Nike.. how I love you. Today, I ran 8.5 miles with the help of my lovely ipod. A new playlist can really do wonders. I would list it but I basically added my last 8 lists to make a jumbo playlist. So I had 8 miles on my "schedule" and at about 7.5 miles I decided to run 8.5. I thought about next week and decided I should run 11 instead of 10 (my original plan) and jumping from 8.5 to 11 is just 2.5 miles. This week I jumped from 6 to 8.5, also 2.5 miles. I've got a plan, kinda. The run went better than expected. My splits are

1) 9:38
2) 9:47
3) 9:39
4) 10:13
5) 10:17
6) 10:24
7) 10:24
8) 11:00
.5) 5:36

total: 1:27:01

I was really pleased with the first 3 miles and also happy with the next 4. The last mile, I was just getting tired and my ankle was starting to hurt. At first, the weather was not the best. It was about 45, which is cold, and a surprise since yesterday it was 75. My hands were frozen for the first mile but after that, I felt okay. I warmed up and didn't mind the weather. I also ate some chewy things (much like the clif shot blocks). I threw away the wrapper and can't find the name online. They were delicious. They were cherry flavored with honey and all natural. I will go back to REI to buy some more and I will let you know!

I am starting to get really excited for the half marthon... :)