You might notice that I have included some photos in this post... the lovely/amazing boyfriend bought me a camera for Christmas. :)

Lately, I have been having a few technical difficulties. In a single day, I washed my phone in the washing machine and my computer cord "burst" into pieces. I wasn't home but my mother swears it just "burst", quite random and it makes for a funny photo. Don't worry, I bought another one on my parents dolla. I am still working out the phone situation. I can make calls if I plug in the phone, sometimes.

Also, in running news, something good happened. Yesterday, I went running at Town Lake for 3 miles and guess what... I didn't feel any pain during or after the run! I was quite happy. Recently, I have been doing running and walking intervals. When I did 5.5 miles, I was a in some pain. So I was really pleased to run 3 miles (without walking) and be hurt free. I am still somewhat panicked about the half marathon. Its less than 6 weeks away and I still don't know if I will be able participate. If I can't, I have already been eyeing a half marathon in May.. 

I don't normally photograph my food, but I do read several blogs where people do.. and this morning my yogurt just looked adorable. Vanilla yogurt topped with fresh strawberries and granola. YUM.  
This afternoon, I went to the outlet mall to return 2 things. One was at Nike.. I was going to go in and return the item (a gift I bought for someone and then found something better) and hurry out so that I didn't get sucked into the wonderfulness of the Nike outlet store and buy something. But those mofos at Nike scammed me. They gave me a 20% off coupon for anything in the store that day because I made a return. How is a girl to pass that up? I couldn't. I ended up purchasing this sweatshirt. I loved the color. It was already marked down 40% and then I got another 20% so with tax it was only $20 and some change! I am so happy. 

The last time I saw the doc, he recommended that I not workout hard (aka run/elliptical) two days in row.  I had done 3 days in a row last week and then my foot/leg was really achy. So today, I wanted to do some yoga. I did a 20 minute video from Hulu: Zen in your Den. Then I decided to throw in some abs too, Pilates Abs. The abs video was only 10 minutes. Both videos were from Exercise TV and I like them both! Surprisingly, neither one of the hosts were annoying. I think I will try them again. Both were beginner friendly, which is nice since I haven't done very much yoga and I rarely do abs. I am trying to do more though and these videos help!