Whew. Apparently, I have been missing in action! The last time I posted was Sunday... I guess I have been busy. I think a bullet list is in order.

  • School started, reminding my adviser that work should be getting done
  • Presidential Inauguration, amazing! I am very excited to see what happens.
  • I found Podcasts, check out This American Life
  • LOST. soooo much happened in the premiere. It was pure madness.
  • Biggest Loser. OMG, I was shocked. I could not believe they kept Joelle. Also, I feel sorry for Bob. Detroit did not look like a walk in the park...
Also, I worked out a few times.

Monday, I went to hot yoga for 90 minutes. It was as sweatastic as usual.

Tuesday, I ran around my neighborhood for 37 minutes to ensure that I would run 3.5miles. I figure I usually run about 10:00-10:30 but when I don't know where the next mile marker is located, I tend to be on the slower side. I found some great hills so I was pleased with the workout. I need to learn the streets better (I just moved there...) so I can gmap-pedometer the route.

Wednesday, REST! Yippeee!

Thursday, I ran 4 miles at Town Lake. Since that trail has mile markers, I have splits and I am quite pleased with these times.

1) 10:00
2) 10:01
3) 10:03
4) 10:34
total: 40:38

Tonight, I am going to a hot yoga class. I am dreading it.. but I know once I go I will be happy I went...

Have a great Friday!!!