I went for a 4.5 mile run today with the following split times...

:: 9:53
:: 10:22
:: 10:17
:: 10:14
:: 4:54 (0.5 miles)
= 45:42

I was happy with the run. I ran at Town Lake and I wore a new running shirt.. that I LOVE. It's a Nike dry-fit warm sweatshirt thing. The first half, I kept thinking, "when is this going to end?" and then the second half I was thinking, "whew, this is easy. I got this.." So in other words, it is a typical run for me. If I can get half way done, I somehow feel okay about the 2nd half. Oh, I completely forgot to mention the latest Doc update!

The Doc thinks I can do the half!!!!
The Doc told me this on Monday. Last week, I ran twice (3 miles each) with no pain. He said that since I ran okay and my muscles are loose that I can run 3 times a week. He said I should aggressively increase my milage and run the half. I was super excited. I can't believe I forgot to mention it! So as of last Sunday, I had 5 weeks until my half. So he suggested I run 3 times a week (1 recovery, 1 medium, 1 long) with the following long runs..

6 miles / 8 miles/ 10 miles/ 8 miles / half 

I am looking forward to my 6 miles this weekend :)