Monday, March 30, 2009

Guess what?

I have a new PR for the 10 k!!!!

My previous personal record was 1:01:06. So I was quite pleased with this race, even though I thought a PR would be tricky. First of all, this race is has a lot more hills than the course that corresponds to my best time. Also, there was about 18,000 people walking/running in this race. It was a gorgeous day, so no one seemed to stay home. Last year, it rained and it was a lot less crowded. Finally, I overslept and woke up at 8:30 when the timed run (my race time) started at 8:45. What the heck!!! Luckily, Bryan was there to save the day. He got me to the race and it started late. I was able to squeeze through the gate and start with the timed runners. whew. In the morning rush, I left my watch at home and forgot to glance at the starting time... so I spaztically ran the whole 10k. I tried to run fast because I felt I was running slow then I would slow down because my hamstrings got tight and then speed up.. it was not a consistent pace.. I guess if I want to PR, I should show up late and forget my watch. Anyways, it was a great day for a run and I am super pleased with my time.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I found this layout online at

and edited it!

I hope you like!

update:: I think the comment links work now! Thanks Mica!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Just a bit ago, I went to the Zilker Park Kite Festival. It was wonderful. The weather was great and perfect for kite flying. At the park, lots of people were flying kites. By the way, most of these photos are courtesy of Bryan. He is becoming quite the photographer! 

I also enjoyed heaven on earth (aka funnel cake). sooo good. I think I need to find a state fair or circus STAT so that I get another one.... yum.

We also stumbled upon a band that was just enjoying the afternoon. Have I mentioned how much I love this town?

The camera that Bryan is wearing did not take these photos. Who knew flying a kite could be so much fun?

I hope you enjoy these photos!!!

ps. I will recap spring break 09 soon! 

Thursday, March 12, 2009

:: the pact - jodi picoult
:: naked - david sedaris
:: love the one you're with - emily giffin
:: nineteen minutes - jodi picoult
:: my sister's keeper - jodi picoult
:: certain girls - jennifer weiner
:: the secret lives of bees - sue monk kidd
:: the history of love - nicole krauss
:: shear abandon - penny vincenzi
:: water for elephants - sara gruen
:: the memory keeper's daughter - kim edwards
:: what is the what - dave eggers
:: the friday night knitting club - kate jacobs
:: goodnight nobody - jennifer weiner

It's cold outside! Last weekend it was 80 and now its..

Brr. So I did not run this morning. I am still hoping to convince myself that it is a good idea and I should go run... we'll see how that goes. I doesn't say above, but its raining off and on, it is very gross out.

I would like to welcome some new readers. Bryan tipped off a few of my closest friends about the blog a while ago... I thought they would read it once and move on.. I found out that is not the case. I have been bookmarked, so Hello Ladies! In your honor, a photo.

Chelsea, Coatney, Kallie, Me, Taylor

Last weekend, we got together and celebrated Kallie's last night of freedom... her bachelorette party. I was a wonderful time. Lots of great food, drinks, chats, and more. It was awesome.

Then I was swamped with school and therefore, no blog posting. But I am back! I still have a paper due but I can take a little break... which reminds me, I am searching for a new template. I will have this super boring one until I get a new one.

Friday: run 2.8 miles
Sunday: 45 spin + 45 yoga
Monday: weights + swim class
Tuesday: run 2.2 miles outside + 3.8 miles treadmill
Wednesday: swim class

Biggest Loser nonsense: I am so sad Mandi went home. She was my favorite! Also, I think that Ron can't loose the same amount of weight as everyone else and will continue to bring down the blue team... its sad but true. I just hope blue team can win next time... so sad. As you can tell, I am still really addicted to that show. My run on Tuesday was split into 2 so that I could watch some of the show while I ran. I had a lot of work to do and didn't want to waste 2 hours on the Biggest Loser, so I ran during it. Also, I Jillian's 30 day Shred from Netflix.. maybe I will do that today!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Last night, I made this Smashed Chickpea Salad by Smitten Kitchen. I love the Smitten Kitchen blog because there are wonderful recipes and fabulous pictures (like the one below). I used pita bread to eat the salad and added a roasted red pepper to my "sandwich". I also neglected the tahini suggestion.

This recipe was
a) yummy
b) easy
c) cheap
d) mayo free
aka a winner in my book! Enjoy!

photo by: Smitten Kitchen.

Workout Summary:
Monday: weights + swim class
Tuesday: run/walk (treadmill) 3.4 miles + abs + push ups
Wednesday: swim class
Thursday: spinning 1 hr

Workout Details:
  • I saw DARA TORRES, you may remember her from the Olympics, in the locker room after my swim class on Wednesday.... there is a swimming competition at my college (University of Texas at Austin) this weekend.
  • Tuesday, I ran while watching part of the The Biggest Loser and I included sprints and added incline. It was good. I am starting to really like the treadmill for runs <>
  • I can not believe The Biggest Loser is 2 hrs and NBC has the nerve to put "to be continued" at the end. I was furious... and I can't wait for Tuesday to roll around..
  • I slept through weights on Wednesday morning.. oops.
Also, I am so excited for the weekend. TGIF.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

I don't know about you.. but I do not support buying disposable water bottles. It is a waste of money and resources. If you don't agree, watch Flow. So I use a reusable water bottle... but there is a BPA Controversy... check out

She is giving away a Nalgene BPA free water bottle and did research on the harm of BPA!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

I would like the weekend to stay. I do not want next week to start. I have a lot of working out, school work, and job hunting to do by Friday. Next weekend, my friend is having her bachelorette party so nothing productive will be happening.. 

Anyways, I want to finish posting my workouts for this week..

Thursday: rest
Friday: run/walk intervals (treadmill) 40 min + 10 min stair master
Saturday: 40 min yoga + pushups
Sunday: run 6 miles + core + pushups

I am terrible at pushups. I am trying to incorporate them.. and then when I get a little better, I might attempt the 100 push up challenge. Trust me, I am not there yet.

I am pleased with my efforts this week and hoping for greatness next week too. Also, I spent a lot of time outside today at a kite festival (pictures and post some day).. and my face is on fire. How did I forget sunscreen... sigh. fyi, my 6 miles today were to get to the festival. It was great to run to a destination. Bryan met me there and drove me home... I also ate part of a funnel cake. delicious. too bad it cancelled out the 6 miles... maybe I should have ran home too?

I realize this post is super late... better now then never?

This Valentine's Day, Bryan surprised me with the best present I have ever received on 2/14. He did so good, that I am not sure how he will top himself next year. He presented me with this..

This might seem like an ordinary box of chocolates... but it is not. This chocolate is to die for... as the saying goes.. 

The box included dark and milk chocolate truffles, a chocolate covered cherry, orange and lemon rind, white chocolate goodness... these are ridiculously amazing chocolates. I have been savoring each one..