On a blog I found awhile ago, the writer would post monthly goals. I would site them but I can't find their blog again!Anyways, I thought it was a good idea. (EDITED!!! it was Girl on Top, silly me.) So since its December 1st, I've got a goal. I am starting off with only one goal.

December Goal: Maintain my weight.

You might say, "Man thats easy." But since its the holiday season and I will be eating/drinking everything in site... I think it will take some work. Basically, I just cant skip out on workouts. Also, I am going to try to eat healthy foods when I am not celebrating the holidays.

In blog news... you might notice I am capitalizing words.. jump back and watch out! This blog is improving.

I will post later about my Thanksgiving break.. and the horrible traffic.

Congrats to everyone who ran in a Turkey Trot!