Well as you can see from my last post, I have been enjoying the holidays! I had a few whiskey/cokes and 2 micheladas at Lee Harvey's in Dallas before that last post. The bar has fire pits outside and you can buy s'more materials. We didn't buy any that night but we have before. It is an awesome dive bar. We had a great time, hence the post. I was a little hungover the next day but I quickly got over it. 

I have been quite busy with elf duties and enjoying the holidays so I haven't been blogging. I had a great Christmas. I got some clothes, some dishes, bike lights and a new running watch.

I have been slacking on my HBBC points. So far this week,

Thursday: stretching 30min = 1 pt
Friday: stretching 30 min + 4.5 miles = 5.5 pts

pathetic, I know. Also, I need to catch up on my blog reading. I am super behind! I hope you had a great holiday too!