HBBC Week # 2

Monday: Spinning 1 hr + 30 min stretching = 5 pts
Tuesday: 30 min elliptical + 30 min stretching = 3 pts
Wednesday: 30 min stretching = 1 pt
Thursday: 3 miles = 3 pts
Friday: walk/run 3 miles (3 pts) + resistance bands 15 min (1 pt) + 30 min stretching (1 pt) = 5 pts
Saturday: 1.5 miles (1.5 pts) + 15 min abs (.5 pts) + 30 min stretching (1 pt) = 3 pts
Sunday: walk/run 2.5 miles (2.5 pts)

:: total = 22.5

On Sunday, I went walking with my Mom at a one mile loop trail. I was just going to walk with her but after one mile she said, "You are not even tired. Run." So I ran one mile and then walked a half mile with her again. I was really glad she encouraged me to run. I had encouraged her to come to the trail with me and get a workout in during the holidays. She likes to go walking but sometimes losses motivation. Too bad she doesn't read blogs. :) I  ran the mile in 8:40 which I thought was great. I normally run slower but since I was just running one, I picked up the pace. I really hope I run that half I am signed up for. 

It is really late but I can't sleep. I had a head ache but it seems to be going away. Also, I ate chick-fil-a tonight at the mall. I love it but I haven't had it in a really long time. I guess I haven't been eating any fast food lately. My tummy keeps making all of these weird noises. I think it's mad at me. As my boyfriend says, "There is a monster inside." 

In other news, I still have several elf duties. I made the 2nd batch of chex mix tonight but I had to sub in garlic salt for garlic powder. And maybe used too much. The chex mix is too salty and terrible. I guess I could only make it perfect for so many years... I need to re-do the batch. I also have tons of presents to wrap for my family. I need to make fudge. Oh and a lemon pie. I still have 2 gifts to buy. Maybe instead of blogging I should get to work!