Last night, I went to the track at my school and ran 3 miles (30:17). It was somewhat boring because the loop is only 0.25 miles. I had too much work to do so I couldn't get to town lake before sunset. I didn't want to run around my place because I've got a new plan. I needed a plan to deal with my tendon issues, ankle issues and really just my left leg because its 11 weeks -2 days until my half marathon. This is not how I wanted to train whatsoever. But I have to make the best of the situation and be grateful I have a left leg. So the new plan..

  • run only on trails/treadmills aka no concrete
  • wear an ankle brace
  • icy/hot the ankle and foot after running
I didn't run with the ankle brace yesterday but thats because I need to buy one. Also, I LOVE icy/hot. It smells and feels great. :) I think this will help with the left leg issues until the tendon regains some strength and my running can get back to normal. Tracks and trails provide a little cushion. The 3 miles felt good to run and I felt little pain. So things are looking up! I know the half is still far away, but I'm getting excited and I feel unprepared. I just wish I could have been running the past few weeks. But like I said, I've got to make the best of my situation. A pulled tendon is a lot better than a broken leg.