happy thanksgiving! i hope everyone is having a great holiday! 

i knew i would gorge on turkey today, so i woke up and went running. i only made it 2 miles because my ankle started to hurt. the tendon in my foot felt okay but the joint part of ankle was aching. i am not sure why but i am starting to get really annoyed with my left leg. when i got home, i iced it and that helped but still... its annoying. hopefully, my left ankle/tendon gets it together soon so i can start running again! i miss it. 

thanksgiving day has been great. i love food. we just got done eating. it was delicious.

recap of the week:
on monday, i started this week off right.. with a 7am spin class. it was a tough one too. the spin instructor was a little intense, as usual.

tuesday, i rested because my quads were hurting. i couldnt take another spin class.

however, on wednesday, i skipped my workout in the morning. sigh. all of the spin classes were canceled due to the break. so i was going to go to the gym and use the elliptical machine. but ended up working on my hw instead. oh well. then the boyfriend and i drove to irving (suburb of dallas) to spend thanksgiving with my parents. also last night, we (my brother, the boyfriend, and a few friends) went out to an awesome bar in dallas called the old monk. they had a very good selection of delicious beer! we also had cheese fries with bacon and jalapeno. its a holiday right? let's indulge.  :) i had a black velvet (ace pear cider + guinness), a pearamasous (ace pear cider + maredsous 8), and a la fin du monde! they were very good. 

okay, time for dessert!