lately, i have been reading a few random blogs about running and triathlons. it has been great inspiration. i saw one on a fitness website and "click click click" im reading a ton. and these people are strangers. at first i was like.. whoa this is weird. i am stalking strangers. but i was thinking, they dont mind. im sure they are blogging for the world to read it. i bet they like it. but ive decided that people spend a lot of time, probably too much time, on their blog entries! i guess its true for most "hardcore" bloggers. i however am not the best blogger. i think its because i know no ones reading this. i have a few occasional lookers (ie. family) but thats it. maybe one day i will know more bloggers. anyways, i enjoy blogging. even if my entries are short and sweet.

maybe i have a stranger reading my blog.... well i doubt it.