my 2nd triathlon of the summer is coming up next weekend. so paige and i decided to do a mini tri today at 630 am. we are not usually such early birds.. so im extremely tired. i stayed up late watching the olympics! anyways, here is the breakdown..

bike 5 miles - 24 min
swim 600 meters - 17 min
run 3.25 miles - 35 min
bike 5 miles - 26 min

i am really glad i did it but im tired. i swam at barton springs and it was lovely and free before 9am. i was surprised at how many swimmers were there, it was only 7am! people were also running on the trail and then jumping in afterwards to cool off. although the events were out of order, it went well. i feel pretty prepared for the tri on august 24th. im excited. i think ill swim there again tomorrow (but only swim) and ill try to get a good picture. we were there right after sunrise and it was gorgeous!