All day long, I have been exhausted. I drank coffee, a chai tea, and a coke zero but I was not revived. I decided to take a rest day and bail on my 3 mile run. Hmm... I also ran 11 miles on Saturday!!! Go me! It was my longest run to date and honestly, it went pretty good. 

total time: 1:53:49 (avg pace - 10:20!!!)

woo hoo! I was very pleased with the time. I will not bore you with my split times. They didn't have a trend, if that matters. I wasn't too sore either. I feel more prepared for my half marathon (2/15). It is so soon! I am starting to get really excited. :)

I also finished a book! I read Loving Frank by Nancy Horan and really enjoyed it. I checked it out from the Austin Public Library. Yay free books! This photo was borrowed from Amazon..
The book tells the story of an affair involving Frank Lloyd Wright and Mamah Borthwick. It is a true story and occurs in the early 1900's. Divorce wasn't exactly common back then.. There is a lot of women's rights, women's roles, the purpose of love, and architecture stories / info intertwined with the affair. It is also the authors debut novel. I liked it. 

Sunday, I rested. Monday, I lifted weights, went to swimming class, and went to a 1:15 not hot yoga class.. maybe that's why I am exhausted?