On Monday, I came across a fitness blog that I had not seen before. There are tons of blogs out there and you never know if you will relate to the blog. I started reading blogs because they are inspiring. I love reading about someone else's journey. It is also really encouraging to see their success. Anyways, so this new (to me) blog was really inspirational... She weighed 136 in September and now weighs 114! Check it out, if you are interested.. there are great before / after photos.

So then I started thinking about my weight loss and got really annoyed. Basically, I have been maintaining my weight for the past 3 months. Granted, this is great and all, but I would prefer to lose weight (who wouldn't?). I think I just need to kick up my workouts a notch and try to eat really healthy when I drink. At this time in my life, I am unwilling to sacrife all adult beverages.. so I just try to eat really good and workout on those days. Like most women, I want to lose some weight before swimsuit season!

My workouts so far this week:

Monday: weights / swim class (1550 yds)
Tuesday: 10 min stair master / 50 min spin class
Wednesday: weights / swimming (1200 yds) / 15 min core

So far so good...

Also, I updated my upcoming races (seen to your right). I love having goals so that I am working out for something. I have a reason. Then, I am less likely to bail and take a nap instead. I am excited to run in a 2nd half marathon and also 2 10Ks. I want to set a new PR in at least one of those 3 races.