today i ran in a 10k and i set a new PR. for those of you who dont know, PR (personal record).

10k - 1:01:06 (9:50/mile)

i am very excited. my friend and i set a goal of beating our 10k times and we both succeeded. actually, we smashed them.

so here is the breakdown... the first mile was super crowded and i tried not to run too fast so that i wouldnt be out of energy later. i decided i needed to pace off of someone so that i didnt have to worry about pacing myself. well the girl i picked was a little bit faster and i only kept up with her for the first 3 miles. oh and right when i was loosing her, she took off her shirt and ran in a sports bra. i was kinda frustrated by that because this clearly marked that she was better. so then i just ran and tried to stay at a good speed and was finishing each mile under the 10min mark. i was pretty happy. then i sprinted the last 0.2 mile and beat my previous PR.

all in all, it was good race.