yesterday, i went to a new running store. i got a coupon at the 10k i ran for 20$ off, which in my opinion, is a great coupon. so i wanted to get new shoes. and get this..

they had me run on a treadmill and video taped it! then they played it back in slow motion! it was awesome. and the guy at the store claims that i have a good strike. aka i hit the ground correctly.


lately ive been thinking that i must be running like an idiot to be having so many aches and pains. so i ended up buying mizunos again but in a different style. i like them and they arent too expensive.

then i went to school and made little progress. i am easily distracted. especially since i dont have internet at home... saves me money but wastes a lot of time in my office.. oh well.

then i tried a new workout class: spinning (45 min) and yoga (45 min) and it was awesome. i think i need some more stretching in my life. i was hesitant to go because the instructor is annoying.. but there was a sub! so i got lucky. i think ill try and go next sunday too. then i went to the store and got stuff to make black bean quesadillas and corn salsa (recipe from women's health magazine)

i liked this meal for 3 reasons:
1) it was cheap
2) it was easy
3) it was delicious